Dangerous - Jacquelyn Frank I’ll be the first to admit that I have a tendency to see the name of a favorite author and just grab the book, not really bothering to read the jacket cover. I’ve been burned a few times (that, of course, is another story) but for the most part, it turns out pretty good. I was a bit surprised with this one, in the sense I was expecting a straight military story…not my usual genre. But I got a bit of a surprise!

Liam Nash is one of three partners of NHK, a security team that was just a step above the rest. Like a private army they were often hired to protect high profile subjects. Liam was hired by a very wealthy woman named Devon Candler who wanted NHK to protect her from an unknown person who had already attempted to kill her multiple times. Liam took the job, then regretted it almost immediately. His number one rule was “don’t get personally involved with your principal.” One look at Devon Candler and he was a bundle of raging testosterone, resembling some randy teenager ready to jump her bones! Rather than do the smart thing and call in a different supervisor to lead, he followed the wrong part of his anatomy and stayed.

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