Play of Passion (Berkley Sensation)

Play of Passion - Nalini Singh I thought it was very interesting that the two Kincaid brothers were the ones to get the two anomaly dominant females. I was afraid that this would be a repeat of Riley's book, Branded by Fire. Instead... well, it had other issues!

Andrew Kincaid is a mysterious figure within the SnowDancer den. He seems to do the one thing that wolves find the most disconcerting. He defies the hierarchy. No one really knows what his official position is, but they know that he is important to Hawke - the alpha - and that he is a tracker. He is responsible for tracking down the rogue changelings and dispensing justice. His position is one of power, but few know just how powerful he really is. Drew has been in love with Indigo since he was a kid, but as he has matured into a powerful wolf, he has decided the time has come to make his move. If only he can convince her that he is more than a match for the wolf inside her.

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