The Trouble with Cowboys: Catcher Creek

The Trouble with Cowboys - Melissa Cutler I read and reviewed the second book in this series, Cowboy Justice, first and I loved that one so much I had to go back to read the first in the series. Let me just say Melissa Cutler is my new favorite western romance writer! I loved the first in the Catcher Creek series, The Trouble with Cowboys, and even if you’re not a fan of western romance novels, but like romance, I definitely recommend reading this series!

Amy Sorentino is back in Catcher Creek, a town she couldn’t wait to get out of, after a very public melt down on a cooking reality TV show competition. She moves home to help her two sisters save their family farm where she comes face to face with her greatest weakness and what she swore she’d avoid due to past mistakes - a very sexy cowboy, Kellan Reed. Amy and Kellan are both attracted to each other but both have family issues stemming from the past and a future together seems hopeless. She decides to focus on repairing the fragile relationships she has with her sisters and making the family farm into a vacation spot, not falling for some hot cowboy. Neither Amy nor Kellan are looking for love but sometimes love is a power that can’t be stopped.

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