Prince's Fire: The Hearts and Thrones Series

Prince's Fire: The Hearts and Thrones Series - Amy Raby For some reason, reading the books in the Hearts and Thrones series reminds me of a science fiction story. I have no idea why - there is really no reason for it. And yet, whenever I read it, that is the feeling that I get.

Celeste is an Imperial Princess with a genius for mathematics. As the emperor's sister, she has no expectation of a marriage for love. Her father was a cruel tyrant and she is shy and retiring. She knows that she will have to marry someone who her brother chooses based on a political alliance. Their country is recovering from years of war caused by her father and having a young princess that can be offered in marriage is too politically convenient for her brother to pass up. When trade negotiations begin with the Inyan prince, Celeste's brother Lucien is willing to trade more than just goods. He wants to trade his sister's hand in marriage and the Inyan prince and fire mage is the best prospect around.

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