Crash into You

Crash into You - Katie McGarry I will preface this review first by saying that I typically do not find myself drawn to the young adult genre, however I have found Katie McGarry’s Pushing the Limits series completely enjoyable with each book pulling me more toward fandom! Crash Into You is book three in this series, however it is a standalone read telling Isaiah’s story. Yes there are previous characters present, Noah and Echo from book one and Beth, Ryan and Logan, from book two, but this book has its own journey and its own context with the aforementioned characters secondary in nature.

Isaiah is a street smart “punk” whose attitude and appearance have kept him safe in the slums in which he resides. His cool demeanor and bad boy reputation are nothing compared to the good hearted loyal man this seventeen year old boy truly is. Isaiah is a foster kid far too familiar with the negativity of the social service system so he lives outside of adult supervision with Noah, his best friend and only familial connection. When life begins to change for them, Isaiah realizes he needs to come up with cash to survive on his own. He turns to the one thing that is sure to get him a ticket to a better life, cars. When an evening of car racing for cash brings a young naïve blonde beauty into the picture Isaiah soon realizes there may be more at stake to lose than just a place to stay.

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