To Have and to Hold

To Have and to Hold - Leigh Greenwood Well, this is the first book I have read by Leigh Greenwood and I didn’t realize this was a man writing a romance novel until after I read it. I would like to start off with the fact that I am sure men can write a good romance novels and from the looks of it, Mr. Greenwood has quite the following. With that being said, this book lacked the brand of romance I usually look for in my romance novels. To Have and To Hold is an historical western romance that failed to generate heat between its hero and heroine.

The first installment of the Cactus Creek Cowboys takes place along the Sante Fe Trail just after the end of the Civil War. Naomi Kessling is heading out west with her family and friends leaving behind the small Kentucky community they all lived in. In an attempt to avoid the risk of being waylaid by Indians, they ask their hired guide to travel the lesser known routes. They end up being ambushed any way and when it looks like they all were going to succumb to the attack, a stranger sweeps in and drives the Indians away. A former union solider, Colby Blaine, is on his way out west to visit his parent’s graves. He agrees to become the wagon trains new guide after he saves them. Naomi is enthusiastic to lean all the skills Colby is willing to teach about surviving out west. Colby seeing what an apt student she is decides she’d made the perfect wife, however, he has decided he’ll never love again.

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