Four Seconds to Lose: A Novel

Four Seconds to Lose - K.A. Tucker Four Seconds to Lose is book three in K.A. Tucker’s Ten Tiny Breaths series, yet it is a standalone story featuring Cain and the mysterious Charlie. This book is a solid New Adult romance that begins with a sense of action and urgency. It is a bit different from the prior two books in that the story is a departure from the previous themes. Cain’s story has a serious alpha male tone with a much rawer, grittier plot. It is also very sensual and heartfelt while written with a sense of harsh reality.

Cain is a beautiful man that has grown up rough, the product of street life filled with drugs, prostitution, fighting, and death. He has paid his dues to the highest extent and finds himself stable and quite wealthy while running the local strip club, Penny’s. However, as prosperous as his business may be, it is not his dream or idea of the good life. He deals in the daily drama of high maintenance women with troubled pasts and bleak futures doing his best to provide positive outlets and better opportunities for them, especially after he has experienced loss and darkness associated with the lifestyle.

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