No Good Duke Goes Unpunished: The Third Rule of Scoundrels

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished - Sarah MacLean This book was fantastic! I will be honest. I am a long time MacLean Fan. She hasn’t written anything that I didn’t absolute love. This book was no different. It was everything I expected and more. With Murder, Lies and Love on the Line you won’t find a better historical romance to read this year. MacLean is truly becoming one of the best authors that I have the privilege to read.

Long ago William Harlow, Duke of Lamont was accused of committing murder. A murder that he can not remember, of a woman he swore he had never met. Due to an abundance of evidence against him and no one to stand by his side, he lost everything but his name. With nowhere to go he set about losing himself in the streets of london. He became Temple, London’s winningest bareknuckle boxer. As well as a partner in the city’s most prestigious gaming hell The Fallen Angel. Night after night he acts as the last path for redemption to those who have lost it all to the Angel. When faced with the prospect of having to fight Christopher Lowe brother to the woman he supposedly killed all those years ago Temple refuses. Set to let Lowe wallow in the ruin of his own making. Little did he know that fate was once again playing puppet master. For from the shadows stepped the one person who could give him what he so desperately wanted. It seemed that Mara Lowe was not dead after all and in fact had been hiding right under his nose all this time. It was more than enough to make him furious. Accepting the terms of her negotiations was supposed to be the beginning to the end of his role as the “Killer Duke”. Yet, with each shared moment and every small touch Temple comes to realized that maybe there is more to Miss Lowe then he first assumed. For this fiercely stubborn and glorious woman was his match in every way.

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