Entwined (Darkest London)

Entwined - Kristen Callihan Long time readers of this site will know that the prospect of any new stories in Kristen Callihan’s Darkest London series make me very happy. Then to learn that the set-up for the e-novella Entwined was two people falling in love while writing to one another (one of my favorite story set-ups)… well I’m lucky none of you could see my Dance of Joy! Taking a step away from the familiar characters or the ongoing storyline, Entwined gives readers the chance to meet the patriarch of a family with strong ties to the S.O.S. and an incredible ability of his own.

A betrothal based upon power and money didn’t surprise the heir to the Evernight fortune, but a letter from his intended asking to break the betrothal was a bit of a shock. It was all the more surprising to Eamon Evernight when his brother Aidan asked for his help in convincing the reluctant bride to go through with their arrangement in the name of family honor and duty. Eamon, having long covered for his older brother’s weaknesses, takes on the task of writing back to the young woman and tries his best to open a dialog where he can convince her that marriage is the best for all parties. As the years pass and the letters move from a cordial correspondence into a warm conversation, Eamon slowly inserts more of his own personality into his words. The feelings he expresses to this unseen woman are less about his brother’s interests but more his own dreams of being with the one person he can be himself with.

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