Lost in a Royal Kiss (Renegade Royal)

Lost in a Royal Kiss - Vanessa Kelly I always like to get in on the ground floor when an author introduces a new series. Even knowing that prequel novellas aren’t always necessary to enjoy the full length books I like reading them to see the author’s direction for the unfolding story arc. As I read through Lost in a Royal Kiss I didn’t get a great sense of world building (yes, even Historicals need world building) that will carry through the rest of the Renegade Royals series and it left me a bit disappointed with the overall story.

Linnet St. Clare is used to taking care of things. With her mother away from home most of the time serving Her Majesty the Queen, Linnet has practically raised her younger siblings and worn the weight of responsibility on her shoulders for too long. Her family’s ties to the royal court have given Linnet audience with many of the important men and woman who serve the King, but the one person who seems to give her the most trouble is the handsome Sir Anthony Tait. Her attraction for the man is only eclipsed by her irritation at how he always manages to make her feel so uncomfortable in his presence. It becomes safer for Linnet to avoid him altogether rather than trying to sort out all the confusing emotions he draws out in her. Unfortunately within the Court there is no man Linnet trusts more to help her when a good friend gets caught up in a terrible situation.

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