Love the One You're With: Sex, Love & Stiletto Series

Love the One You're With - Lauren Layne I have never read Lauren Layne before and I am so glad this book caught my attention because I will certainly be reading her from now on. I enjoyed this fun romance that had some profound emotions in the mix. Love the One You’re With reminded me of the romantic comedy movies I love and I am a sucker for good girl reforms bad boy story line every time!

Grace Brighton has made a career as a columnist for Stiletto magazine, think Cosmo, warning other woman away from lying and philandering men. She decides to take a break from her career when she finds out that her own man of nine years has turned into one of those cheaters. Her first assignment when she returns from her break is to go on several dates with her equivalent at the men’s magazine Oxford, think GQ, and report her impressions of him. Grace has sworn off men due to her broken heart but she is instantly attracted to Jake Malone.

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