A Tale of Two Dragons (Dragon Kin)

A Tale Of Two Dragons - G.A. Aiken I simply love G. A. Aiken's irreverent and sexy dragons. They are not your typical Dragon Shifters... they tend to call the loves of their lives a nasty cow when the mood strikes. But despite that, they really are lovable. And Uncle Addolgar is no exception!

Addolgar is one of those "middle children". He is not the youngest of the Cadawalder clan, but he is in the middle somewhere. As a result, since he has about 12 siblings, he can get lost in the shuffle. But that doesn't make him any less of a fiercesome warrior! Even though he may be called Addolgar the Cheerful, he can be downright nasty when he wants to be. And when someone tries to poison him - even if they didn't want to kill him - you can bet that is a good time to be nasty....

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