Striking Distance (An I-Team Novel)

Striking Distance - Pamela Clare I discovered Pamela Clare’s I-Team books as an audible recommendation and I listened to them all in about a week and a half. I have been anticipating the release of Striking Distance and it was well worth the wait because I am going to say since we are almost at the end of the year the best book I listened to in 2013. Striking Distance was a beautiful yet heartbreaking story at times and Kaleo Griffith really delivers the right amount of emotion in the narration this story needed. I have loved all the I-Team books but this one Clare I felt took her writing to a whole new level.

Laura Nilsson is a TV reporter that is known as ‘The Baghdad Babe’ and spent a harrowing eighteen months as a captive in an Al Qaeda compound. She was forced to become one of the leader’s wives where she experiences unimaginable abuse by him and his other wives. She is finally rescued by Javier Corbray and his team of seals. Laura and Javier had a brief affair before she was capture and he was shocked to find out she was still alive. Javier has to keep his identity as her rescuer a secret from her but due to circumstances they cross one another’s paths again. Javier realizes she is not free from the Al Qaeda threat so he becomes her protector. Javier and Laura passion ignites again and he is able to help her get over her time in captivity. However, Laura learns her abduction was no random act and she is determined to learn the mystery of her attack. Javier won’t let the woman he loves face this alone and he is here to help weather she wants him to or not.

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