Forgotten in Darkness

Sakura Di Tengah Prahara: Biografi Ratna Sari Dewi Sukarno - M. Yuanda Zara This is quite a departure from my typical reading genre, but I will say that it was not any less interesting to me. This is a book in Zoe Forward’s Scimitar magi series that follows after Dawn of a Dark Night. I did not read book one initially, therefore I will admit to being a bit in the dark regarding the Scimitar history, however, I did find the pieces easy to pick up once the magi journey continued.

Forgotten in Darkness is the story of Scimitar magnus Dakar and his journey out of purgatory after two centuries of unjustified punishment. Upon his release he is faced with the lifelong curse of killing or being killed by his one true love. This damnation came at the hands of a powerful dark Egyptian pharaoh whose bride Shaiani was stolen by Dakar, thus binding them to each other through a life of love then death. For centuries he has suffered his death repeatedly at the hands of his senariai, or destined woman, which ultimately kills her also. He is determined now to find her and kill her first before she can strike her deathblow, thus ending the curse. His journey to end this curse puts him on the path of archeology grad student Shay McGinnis who has no idea why she has been drawn into daemon lore, let alone finding herself under attack and under lust by the dark Dakar.

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