Accidentally...Cimil?: An Accidentally Yours Novella (The Accidentally Yours Series)

Accidentally...Cimil? - Mimi Jean Pamfiloff For the most part, I like the really tortured Paranormal Romances. With the tortured Alpha male. To me, those are the tear jerkers that keep me coming back for more. But every now and then, the funny ones really hit the spot - but they have to be done right. For me, the Accidentally Yours series really hits that spot!

Cimil is the Goddess of the Underworld. She is evil - pure evil. And don't you ever forget it! But since it IS easy to forget - given how she seems to always be doing these nice things, matching her siblings to their destined mates, I have always wondered what was behind her "evil ways". Now we learn. Cimil is the Goddess destined to bring in the Apocalypse. She learned this centuries ago, and since then, she has been doing the opposite of what her gut tells her in an attempt to stop the end of the world. All that she knows is that at some time, somewhere in the past few millennium, she did something that will lead to the end of the world and she is determined to do better this time around and stop it from happening.

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