Guardian Demon (Guardian Series)

Guardian Demon - Meljean Brook This is a new one for me... Most of the series I read have no definitive end point. A few, like Lords of the Underworld have likely stopping points, but none are complete series arcs. The Guardians is one that is and it is an interesting twist for me!

Michael is the Doyen, the leader of the Guardians. Known for his successful slaying of the Dragon (think Saint George - that was Michael), he became the leader of a band of Guardian angels. Though he is like them, he is much more powerful having been created by Lucifer and Belial to take over the world. In the most recent events of the series arc, Michael sacrificed himself to save the world. He placed himself in the frozen field (a field of torture where he could only feel torment and pain) and entrusted one of his guardians with safegaurding his body. He trusted his people to find a way to release him and he trusted Taylor to keep him and his soul so that he could return when they figured out a way to save him. In doing so, he linked their minds together and created a dependence between them.

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