Wanted: A Most Wanted Novel

Wanted - J. Kenner Wanted is the first of three books in Julie Kenner’s new Most Wanted Series and it is a strong read starting off the series with pure heat. For those fans of the Fifty Shades of Grey genre, then Wanted will be a new fave in their library, only with its own unique tale lending to a strong hot romance between the thrill seeking Angelina Raines and the mysterious enigma Evan Black.

Angelina Raines, Angie/Lina, comes from a world of politics and prestige. She has lived on the edge needing the rush of danger to keep her functioning. After the tragic death of her sister, she closes down her true self and spends her time healing in the company of her uncle Jahn and his world of art. It is with her uncle she meets the trio of hotness and confidence that is Evan, Cole and Tyler. These three lifelong friends have been watching each other’s backs and achieving success together no matter the means. Although she and her uncle have a close familial bond with these men, it is only ever been Evan Black who stirs her heart and mind. She spends years yearning for him, begging for a chance to have any acknowledgement from him. In the deepest of heartbreak after losing her uncle, Angelina finally gets the notice of the elusive Evan and the attention he provides knocks her for a loop.

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