Archangel's Blade (Guild Hunter)

Archangel's Blade - Nalini Singh After a disappointing introduction to the Guild Hunters, for me, I decided to go to one of the books that didn't involve Elena and Raphael, and it was a decision I could not have been more pleased with.

Dmitri is a member of Raphael the Archangel of New York's elite Seven. He is completely loyal to the man that helped him after he had first been Made into a vampire against his will and the friendship between them is iron clad. While Raphael is out of town, Dmitri's duty is to protect his comrade's power base. But when bodies start showing up, Dmitri needs an expert opinion from a member of the Guild. He could never guess that the hunter that would be assigned would be Honor, a woman who was held captive and tortured by rogue vampires. As one of the coldest and deadliest of his breed, Dmitri is hardly the first vampire that should come into contact with one as vulnerable and fragile as Hunter, but the two are thrust together.

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