Dark Bites: A Short Story Collection (Dark-Hunter)

Dark Bites - Sherrilyn Kenyon What is better than a collection of Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter short stories? Not much that I can think of! In this anthology, I think all the Dark Hunter shorts (or most) are included. The stories included are: "House of the Rising Son", "Phantom Lover", "Winter Born", "A Dark Hunter Christmas", "Until Death Do We Part", "A Hard Day's Night Searcher", "Shadow of the Moon", "Fear the Darkness", "Where Angels Fear to Tread", "Love Bytes", "Santa Wears Spurs", and "Redemption".

Now, for many Kenyon fans, there is only one "new" story in all of these and that is the "prequel" to Styxx. That story is "House of the Rising Son" and it tells the story of Styxx and Bethany as Aricles and Bathymaas. And that story alone is well worth the book! :) As we already know, Styxx and Bethany had a destiny because they first met and fell in love as Aricles and Bathymaas. But as often happens, the gods (specifically Apollo) got involved and they tried to destroy the happiness that Bathymaas and Aricles found together. But the two had a true love. We know that because the love story continues in Styxx. This story doesn't hold any surprises, but it does fill in the gaps and the whole time I was reading it I felt like light bulbs were going on! OH, so THAT explains.... :) It was like a giant puzzle kept coming together.

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