Believe: (Intermix) (True Believers)

Believe - Erin McCarthy Believe is book three in the new adult romance series True Believers. It is a read with a rough undertone and hard characters pushing through life and whatever comes their way. Books one and two introduced the Mann brothers, Tyler and Riley, whose upbringing was less than stellar, yet they landed good girls and promising futures. Believe presents new unlikely couple to the mix with the spotlight falling on Mann cousin Phoenix and ultra-party girl Robin.

Robin has spent the majority of college partying hard and loose. She has lived life to the fullest of collegiate stereotypes unabashed to her actions. When she wakes up from a night filled with Vodka she is shocked to find herself naked and in her BFF Kylie’s boyfriend’s bed. Vowing to never let this happen again she boards the guilt train and stops living. She is now sober, unkempt, and doing anything she can to get out of the apartment she shares with Kylie. Everyone surrounding her is pouring on the concern and pushing for answers.

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