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The Professional: Part 2 - Kresley Cole The Professional truly is one book that has been broken into three separate parts, each read around 120 to 150 pages. This is the second installment of Kresely Cole’s Game Maker erotic series, and it is here that she has turned up the intensity and the heat that was lingering in the first part.

In quick recap, PhD student Natalie Porter has found herself in the lap of luxury as the long lost daughter of a Russian mafiya lord. She has been introduced into the world after being taken overseas by the ever sexy and dark Aleksandr “The Siberian” Sevastyan. There is immediate attraction between the two characters, but Natalie is still sexually naïve and Sevastyan’s sexual proclivities are far from vanilla. They have engaged in the slightest of teasing, a foreshadowing of the erotica to come, but they danced around their attraction as outside threats to her father and a potential war had everyone on guard.

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