Live (The Burnside Series)

Live - Mary Ann Rivers I loved this book from beginning to end…and I mean really loved it. While I loved the story of Destiny and Hefin, I really can’t wait to read about the rest of the Burnside siblings. Mary Ann Rivers really delivered a compelling start to a series that I can tell is going to only get better with each book.

Destiny Burnside is down on her luck. She has lost her father, job, and what is left of her family is falling apart at the seams. She is doing her best to hold on by going to the library every day, to search for a job. The only highlight of her day is to check out the hottie wood-carver who is restoring the library building. When she gets yet another rejection letter and she ends up breaking down in the library, the wood carver becomes a shoulder to cry on. Hefin Thomas is attracted to Destiny and her perseverance in not giving up on finding a job. When he spots her crying he makes the decision to help her out. Hefin has his own demons in his past to deal with and he is heading back to his home country of Wales in two months. All he wants to do is take Destiny with him but her roots run deep, in her home town of Lakefield, OH, and she is the glue that holds her fractured family together. Destiny and Hefin both need to let go in different ways and find love together.

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