Demon Moon (The Guardians, Book 2)

Demon Moon - Meljean Brook And I thought the angst of the 800 year relationship in Demon Angel was bad... heck, compared to the next one, it was NOTHING! :)

Colin is a two hundred year old vampire with some quirks. For one thing, he is incredibly vain. His vanity and arrogance are hallmarks of who he is. Anyone who knows him knows that his looks are not only angelicly beautiful, they know HE knows it, too. Irony has forced on this vain man a curse to never see his own reflection in the mirror again (and no, it wasn't given BECAUSE of his vanity like you would think). But this vampire is also beyond unusual in strength. A childhood blood brother pact between him and his cousin lead to complications with his vampiric transformation. The sword used to make the pact had magical properties and as a result, Colin is unable to feed vampires without killing them or to ever transform a human to a vampire.
Enter, Savi. She is the adopted human sister of Hugh Castleford, the former Guardian that married a demon and who has a long history with Colin. She is a computer whiz and a young woman who many may think lacks... direction in her life. Though she has promised her grandmother she will marry within the year to a man of her grandmother's choosing, she has no hopes that the arranged marriage will be everything her parents had. Accepting this, she is more than willing to have a last fling with the sexy vampire that causes her heart to race and her palms to sweat. Though both go into things with little or no expectations of ANY kind of future, their feelings can't be denied. But Colin can't transform Savi and if Savi was otherwise transformed, he could never feed her. So their situation is ultimately doomed...

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