Rock Chick

Rock Chick - Kristen Ashley The Rock Chick series is Kristen Ashley’s eight book series about a group of women dubbed the Rock Chicks who meet through a series of traumatic events thus enlisting the help of a group of ridiculously amazing alpha men knows as the Hot Bunch. Set in Denver Colorado, the Rock Chick series introduced the craziness of KA into my life and has permanently etched her onto my literary fave shelf. It is through the trials and tribulations of eight amazing women and their insane courtships that I have embraced my inner crazy and secretly hoped for a wild ride on the Hot Bunch train.

Rock Chick, appropriately named for book one, begins the series with the tale of born to be wild Indy Savage and Lee Nightingale. Indy and Ally Nightingale have been lifelong friends, running wild, rocking out to whatever came their way. They were raised to be family living across from one another, yet Ally’s older bad boy brother Lee has been the object of Indy’s dreams since she was 5 yrs old. Lee has spent the majority of his time continually rejecting any moves from Indy pushing her to her limits of rejection. Now, Indy is all grown up and running a local used book shop, all while continuing her 10 year ignoring of Lee. Indy has given no more than cordial banter with every family event and encounter. However when one of Indy’s friends/employees gets mixed up in stolen diamond business, Indy finds herself in trouble and right in the arms of local security specialist and serious tough guy, Lee Nightingale.

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