Hot Zone (Hotshots)

Hot Zone - Anne Marsh Hot Zone is the second novella in Anne Marsh’s Hot Shot’s series. This novella is a quick read romance focusing on the men of the Big Bear Rogue firefighters. These men are adrenaline junkies spending their time in the field fighting the fiercest of blazes only returning to camp to rest their bodies enough to get their strength back to put them back into the heat.

Dade Johnson is one sexy Rogue that embraces his time in the heat with little distracting him from his job. Sarah Jo is a new camp employee whose fresh looks and free spirit has caught the attention of Dade. A traditional bet amongst the ladies of the kitchen puts Sarah Jo in the hot seat literally as she playfully plants a scorching kiss on Dade igniting everything in him. Sarah Jo is in for quite a surprise when Dade’s response is willing and filled with true desire for her. Now the chemistry has been created and the chase is on, but Sarah Jo isn’t looking to explore anything with Dade since she is running from her past, hell bent being alone. When her past shows up in the form of a deputy set on vengeance, she finds her new found “relationship” with Dade gives her protection and a real sense of security. Dade just needs Sarah Jo to open up and learn to run to him instead of away.

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