Dragon Awakened: The Hidden Series: Book 1

Dragon Awakened - Jaime Rush When I first read Dragon Mine, The Hidden's novella prequel, I was completely charmed. I found the story cute, the characters engaging, and the world building worked for me. So I was a fan of The Hidden right from the beginning.

In this, the first full length novel in The Hidden series, we get the story of Cyn, the master of the Dragons. He has been a shadowy, but benevolent figure in the series so far, and he has definitely sparked my interest. So now, we see him in all his glory. He is a very powerful member of the Crescents and he is the one that Ruby Salazaar is sent to to protect herself, learn the way of the Crescents, and avenge her uncle. Along the way, Ruby and Cyn must come to terms with their attraction and the fact that once they go forward, they can never go back. Together, they can be stronger then they are apart.

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