Kaleidoscope - Kristen Ashley Well, I liked this book better than Jagged, book #5, but it still was missing that crazy over the top moment I love in my Kristen Ashley books. If you read my reviews you know that Kristen Ashley is one of my top favorite romance authors. I love her books and, don’t get me wrong, I liked this book but it was not my favorite in the Colorado Mountain series.

Emmanuelle Holmes, Emme to most of her friends, has loved Jacob Decker for years but due to the fact he was with her best friend nothing ever happened. Emme lost touch with Jacob for years and she is no longer the frumpy woman he knew. They get reacquainted when Jacob, a private investigator, comes to Gnaw Bone, Colorado the town Emme is now living in. Jacob is shocked to run into a glammed up Emme and they are both instantly attracted to each other but Jake is in town to investigate the guy Emme is currently dating. Once they get together they seem to have the perfect relationship if Emme didn’t keep doing her best to sabotage it. Deck isn’t going to let her walk away from something this good without a fight.

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