My Sweetest Escape

My Sweetest Escape - Chelsea M. Cameron My Sweetest Escape is Chelsea Cameron’s second book in her new adult My Favorite Mistake series. This is a story about overcoming past mistakes and learning to embrace life and truly live. It is the story of Jos Archer and how her once perfect world was nothing but a sham especially when one traumatic event has left her in shambles.

Living on the edge and making bad decisions is not something characteristic of Jos Archer. She is yanked from college and brought to reside with her very overprotective older sister. Jos is going through the motions of attending class, staying sober, and avoiding boys all while on a very short leash. Her only interactions are from a new outcast classmate and the constant hovering of her housemates. She seems to be surrounded by love and goodness and she is ready to scream. Nothing is getting through to this very sad, very angry girl. Well, nothing until a quirky somewhat sexy Dusty Sharp appears in her life. His unexpected presence within her home and around campus is the only thing that seems to get some emotion out of her.

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