Do or Die: Reluctant Heroes

Do or Die - Suzanne Brockmann Talk about a book that started off a bit slow but ended with a bang! I discovered Suzanne Brockmann by accident early last year. I was really looking for an audio book and I was on a suspense romance kick so I used one of my credits to listen to her Infamous. A listen I fell in love with (apparently not a fan favorite of hers but I loved it). I have since started reviewing and decided to read her when this book showed up on Netgalley. The start was a little slow and difficult to follow but boy did I end up enjoying the book!

Ian Dunn is a Navy SEAL that ended up working on the wrong side of the law by turning into a jewel thief and con artist. Well at least this is what he wants the world to believe, however; Ian is actually part of freelance covert operatives who take care of high-stakes business in a not so official way. Do you have all of this…see why I am telling you the book starts off a little slow? Ian is perfect for rescuing a pair of children kidnapped by a baddie foreign national, who also happens to be the kid’s father, and he isn’t batting an eye at making the kids casualties to get what he wants. Ian passes on the mission, for reasons he won’t reveal, but Phoebe Kruger won’t take no as an answer. Phoebe wants to see those kids free and she not only gets Ian on board but is along for the mission. Ian and Phoebe are attracted to each other from the start but will do all they can to save these kids!

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