Demon Bound (The Guardians, Book 4)

Demon Bound - Meljean Brook When the hero refers to the heroine as "creepy", it makes it really hard to eventually turn around and love him, but Meljean Brook does an impressive job with that in the book Demon Bound, 4th in the Guardian series.

Jake Hawkins is the novice Guardian that, up until now, was mostly comic relief. He is the wise cracking former soldier from the Vietnam Era. He was a small town Kansas boy who went to fight a war he didn't believe in, but who sacrificed his life and became a Guardian. What we didn't know about Jake was that he had a dream - before the war took it away - of becoming an archeologist and exploring ancient ruins. Though Alice, the Black Widow, the archivist and archeologist of the Guardians creeps him out, when she is faced with a need to excavate some ruins, Jake signs on to help her out. Expecting a freak, Jake is pleasantly surprised to find that Alice is a little unusual, but it can mostly be explained by her Guardian gift. She may not want to raise giant tarantulas on Vampire blood, but it is her gift and she makes the best of it....

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