Shredded: An Extreme Risk Novel: Flirt New Adult Romance

Shredded - Tracy Wolff I will admit to first being drawn to this book by its cover. I am happy to have found that by conclusion I was not only a fan of the cover, but also of this author and her characters.

Shredded tells the story of two characters so intensely similar yet so far apart. ā€œZā€ is a fabulously rich bad boy, a superstar snowboarder surrounded by unwanted wealth and popularity. This, however, is a farce as he is numb to the outside world, including his closest childhood friends. Ophelia is a middle class girl uprooted from New Orleans to a snowy cold mountain as an escape from a personal tragedy and attempt to heal. Both are bright, sassy, and confident all while immune to outside attention that is until they set eyes upon one another. Z has a habit of getting any lady, fast and hard all while promoting the hotshot reputation to back it up. Ophelia is not one to find his behavior attractive, and the more he pushes his interests on her the more she protests. Under their cat and mouse game is a longing to throw caution to the wind and see what it is that is drawing them toward one another.

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