Rock Chick Rescue

Rock Chick Rescue - Kristen Ashley Get ready for more Rock Chick insanity with book two in the series. Although KA is still bringing in more characters and more crazy, we are progressing with the drama and beginning to turn up the heat. One thing remains the same however, and that is the hilarity of it all!

Here is where we meet the sweet Jet McAllister. She spends her time working hard and looking after her mom who has suffered a stroke. She has as poor excuse for a father who has spent his life using people and getting in trouble to which Jet often suffers the after effects. She keeps her personal life hidden and refuses to let anyone take care of her. Enter Eddie Chavez, a Latino stud and local cop who is definitely a Hot Bunch member. He takes notice of Jet after she meets with trouble in the form of a knife to the throat. As a cop, he is all in when it comes to saving her but Jet doesn’t need or want Eddie’s assistance.

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