Willing Sacrifice: The Sentinel Wars

Willing Sacrifice - Shannon K. Butcher Since the second book of the Sentinel Wars series, I have been looking forward to the story of Grace and Torr. I was sure that the fact that the two were separated by a variety of uncontrollable circumstances - including memory loss - would ensure that this story still had a lot of plot and tension. Unfortunately, somewhere along the lines, I am ending up disappointed...

Grace is a human that was living among the Theronai after a demon attack on her family. She is determined to care for Torr, the Theronai warrior that was paralyzed by demon poison while saving her brother's life. As the Sentinel Wars series opens, Grace and Torr are already mostly in love. Theirs is a gentle love of caring and compassion as Grace nurses the warrior and gives him a reason to live. Along the way, Grace decides to make the ultimate sacrifice. She gives Torr her health and vitality through the use of a pair of magical disks. While Torr regains his mobility - and is anxious to share his miracle with the love of his life - Grace is forced into the hell that was Torr's existence. Only, as a human, Grace is unlikely to survive the poison that was paralyzing Torr.

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