Blood Spells (Nightkeepers, #5)

Blood Spells (Nightkeepers, #5) - Jessica Andersen Well, this was the Nightkeeper book I had been waiting for, pretty much from the beginning. Brandt and Patience, the mated Nightkeeper mages who found each other before the magic came back online intrigued me from the beginning. The way that their happy family seemed to be splitting as the Nightkeepers became a team was making me very sad, and so I couldn't wait for things to get better. And this book was worth the wait. This is, right now, my favorite Nightkeeper book so far (though I have a feeling that Rabbit's may eventually trump it if I can get over my feelings for Myrinne...) {Update - This has since been trumped by Dez's story, Storm Kissed, and even Rabbit won't be able to trump him!}

Patience and Brandt met in Cancun on spring break, years before the magic came back online calling to the Nightkeepers. Though neither one knew the other was a Nightkeeper, they had gotten their bloodline marks and their jun tan in a night they thought was a drunken haze. They woke up together, with these strange new tattoos, and had been together since. But the stress of the Nightkeeper life at Skywatch has taken its toll. Their twin sons, Braden and Harry, the last purebred Nightkeeper youths, have been sent into hiding for their own protection. Patience is struggling with a marriage that was once rock solid and is now falling apart, missing her sons, and fighting an overwhelming depression.

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