Highland Bride's Choice

Highland Bride's Choice - Amanda Forester Author Amanda Forester is doing something very unique in her new Highlander novella series. With her previous trilogy set in medieval Scotland and her newest series in Regency times, Ms. Forester is bridging the gap by showing readers the ancestors of her new heroes and heroines and the love stories that started dynasties. Having recently read and enjoyed A Wedding in Springtime this novella was a wonderful bonus to that story.

Elyne Campbell understands her duty to her brother the laird and the entire Campbell clan. With her brother having to hold lands not only in Scotland but in the enemy territory of the English, a marriage into another strong clan will sure up the alliances that will keep both families strong. David Campbell has arraigned marriages for both of his younger sisters, with Elyne’s hand promised to the laird of the Grant family. Elyne doesn’t protest the match, unlike her sister Effie, believing that romantic notions of love aren’t necessary in a match.

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