Accidentally in Love with...A God? (Accidentally Yours, #1)

Accidentally in Love with...A God?   - Mimi Jean Pamfiloff I have not read such a enchantingly hilarious book in quite some time. Within the first 4 paragraphs I was literally laughing out loud. The story catches you and keeps you entertained through out. Top that with a cliffhanger the likes of which even I didn’t see coming and how could this book go wrong… Easy, it can’t.

Emma Keane wants a normal life. With friends, family and preferably a gorgeous man who loves her like no other. Unfortunately she has very little hope of that happening considering she has lived her entire life with the voice of a man inside her mind. Emma knows that in order for her to go on with her life she is going to have to get rid of “Guy” as she dubbed the voice in her head (shockingly he just didn’t see the humor in “Mantastic”.) So, she agrees to free Guy from his earthly entombment to finally be rid of him. What she didn’t count on was the overwhelming attraction that he inspires inside of her body and the longing in her heart. Nor did she realize that her entire life would be turned upside down because it turns out that Guy is way more than he let on and now her life is most definitely in danger.

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