Trials of Artemis (The Haberdashers, #1)

Trials of Artemis (The Haberdashers, #1) - Sue London My reading tastes have shifted in the past year from reading anything and everything historical romance to my new found love of paranormal romance. The last few times I've picked up a historical I've ended up putting it down because it just couldn't hold my attention. However, Sue London’s first book, Trials of Artemis in her new Haberdashers series proved to be a refreshing and unique historical romantic read!

The Haberdashers Club was formed by young Jack, George, and Sabre who are three young girls that grow up to be ladies with an unusual set of skills. Jacqueline “Jack” Walters story is the first to be told in the series. She is in her third season because none of the men are enthused to propose to her because she is a bluestocking. She is happily planning on her life as a spinster so she can pursue her love of archery and Greek military history.

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