All the Pretty Lies (Pretty, #1)

All the Pretty Lies (Pretty, #1) - M. Leighton Well, there is no surprise here that a book by M Lieghton was amazing in both content and writing. All the Pretty Lies is a steamy hot read that brings intrigue to a new level as the reader both savors the steamy love story all while racing to unravel all the connections tangled in a web of deceit. This read was fabulous and its characters addictive to the extent of devouring it in one sitting!

All the Pretty Lies is the story of Sloane Locke and Hemi Spencer, two beautiful souls destined to meet and find themselves together. Sloane is a confident young woman truly raised by “the thin blue line” from her law enforcing father and three older cop brothers. She has lived a sheltered life under the constant watchful eyes of the men of her life. She is on a mission to spread her wings and live her life on her own terms which leads her to The Ink Stain. Owner Hemi Spencer is tattooed male perfection. He has a desired laid back swagger with underlying intensity that burns bright in his blue eyes. He is passionate, fiercely loyal, and beautiful from the outside in. He is also a constant mystery in both his actions and words making his hotness even more appealing. Each buzz of his tattoo gun and graze of his hands over Sloane’s skin made me take a deep breath, and every straight forward naughty word he whispers to Sloane made me blush. Not only does Sloane have instant response to his presence, but he too is rocked by this young, fresh, naively sexy woman. The immediate chemistry and pull to one another is felt immensely, but the unknowns that both Hemi and Sloane harbor keep that intimate connection at bay even with overwhelming need consuming both.

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