Athena's Ordeal (The Haberdashers, #2)

Athena's Ordeal (The Haberdashers, #2) - Sue London I liked book one in The Haberdashers and I was expecting a lot from this one since I liked Quince’s character so much in book one. I didn’t dislike this book and it had its moments but it certainly was not as good as the first book in the series.

Quincy Telford, Duke of Beloin, has misidentified Sabre as a fallen woman and offers her the position of being his mistress. Sabre being an accomplished with the sword since the age of eight responds to his offer by challenging him to a duel. By the end of the duel Sabre decides she wants to marry Quince and puts herself in his path. Quince has hated Sabre’s father, Viscount Bittlesworth, for years so falling for years so he can’t let himself fall for her and he is on a mission to find out who is blackmailing him. A temptation like Sabre is something Quincy can’t afford in the increasingly dangerous situation he is facing with his blackmailer. However, Sabre is a girl that knows what she wants and she has decided that she wants Quince!

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