The Certainty of Us (The Coincidence, #3)

The Certainty of Us (The Coincidence, #3) - Jessica Sorensen For those familiar with Jessica Sorensen’s Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, then you should recognize Violet and Luke as secondary characters who have found their way into the spotlight. Both characters were fundamental in Callie and Kayden’s journey and now their dark pasts are brought to light to reveal a rough journey.

Luke is the closed off roommate and longtime bff of Kayden. He has always been available for his friends yet emotionally cut off. There have always been hints of trouble from his past, especially after the learning details of his sister’s tragic suicide in book 2. There is also an underlying mystery and unease with his relationship with his mother that is brought to the forefront in this read, thus ultimately shaping Luke into the man he has become. Immersed into a life of drugs and alcohol as a child, he was forced him to grow up way before his time, therefore Luke now operates on his own time and does anything he can to keep control over his life.

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