Trouble - Samantha Towle Trouble is Samantha Towle’s new standalone contemporary romance featuring the resilient Mia Monroe and her out of control life on the run. It is her goal of survival and her escape that leads her to unexpected goodness, Jordan Matthews. Their story is not a beautiful love story bursting to hearts and flowers. Instead this is a read filled with enormous hurt and pain with hope and light intricately weaved throughout the journey.

Mia Monroe has led a life of pure pain and torture both physically and mentally. She spent her childhood under the constant abuse of her father. With no mother offering protection, she barely lives, only finding her first true breath when he unexpectedly dies. Her life should finally begin, however growing up in a cycle of abuse leads her straight into the arms of the first man who offers affection. Mia finds herself again a prisoner to a powerful man whose idea of love is shown through a backhand and multiple affairs. After being pushed to her limit of abuse tolerance, Mia runs and never stops until landing some three thousand miles out of Boston.

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