Rock It (Rule Breakers #1) - Jennifer Chance This is my first time reading Jennifer Chance, and anything rock star related is usually a sure bet insta-love for me. This however did not quite live up to the expectations I had, especially when looking at its fabulous cover.

The story is that of Lacy Dawes a major fangirl of rock God, Dante Falcone. She has truly been his number one fan for over seven years, even completing fifteen filled scrapbooks dedicated to him and him alone. Now all grown up and working in the music industry, she lands in her own life dream heading his new promotional tour. Lacey is surrounded by lights, camera crews, and groupies, yet she is completely immersed in everything Dante. He on the other hand is a true rock star, enjoying the success, yet yearning to just play music. Their time together is filled with tension and lusty moments. Both decide to “make out” and get it out of the way so they can work together, however one kiss has both wanting more. For Dante he feels a connection with Lacey and a sense that she is different, for her on the other hand, well, she is finally living out her life’s fantasy.

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