Some Like It Wild (The Wild Ones, #2)

Some Like It Wild (The Wild Ones, #2) - M. Leighton M Leighton has yet to write a book in which I disliked the characters. It is in this Wild Ones series that she introduced Trick and had women swooning for his sweet and sexy southern charm. Knowing that this series was moving forward and bringing more southern sex appeal had me at the peak of anticipation.

Some Like it Wild introduces Laney Holt, the small town good girl. She is the stereotypical preacher’s daughter looking for a good life with a good man all while wanting so desperately to always do the right thing. It does seem however that deep down she may be having some feelings of wanting just bust out of her comfort zone. Jake Theopolis is way too far out of that comfort zone as the older, more "seasoned" town bad boy. But one hot summer night, a chance to steal some peach wine, and a kissing booth sets the scene for good to meet bad. Too bad life puts Laney and Jake on different paths to success, never to have that second kiss.

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