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Rock Chick Rescue

Rock Chick Rescue - Kristen Ashley Get ready for more Rock Chick insanity with book two in the series. Although KA is still bringing in more characters and more crazy, we are progressing with the drama and beginning to turn up the heat. One thing remains the same however, and that is the hilarity of it all!

Here is where we meet the sweet Jet McAllister. She spends her time working hard and looking after her mom who has suffered a stroke. She has as poor excuse for a father who has spent his life using people and getting in trouble to which Jet often suffers the after effects. She keeps her personal life hidden and refuses to let anyone take care of her. Enter Eddie Chavez, a Latino stud and local cop who is definitely a Hot Bunch member. He takes notice of Jet after she meets with trouble in the form of a knife to the throat. As a cop, he is all in when it comes to saving her but Jet doesn’t need or want Eddie’s assistance.

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Shredded: An Extreme Risk Novel: Flirt New Adult Romance

Shredded - Tracy Wolff I will admit to first being drawn to this book by its cover. I am happy to have found that by conclusion I was not only a fan of the cover, but also of this author and her characters.

Shredded tells the story of two characters so intensely similar yet so far apart. “Z” is a fabulously rich bad boy, a superstar snowboarder surrounded by unwanted wealth and popularity. This, however, is a farce as he is numb to the outside world, including his closest childhood friends. Ophelia is a middle class girl uprooted from New Orleans to a snowy cold mountain as an escape from a personal tragedy and attempt to heal. Both are bright, sassy, and confident all while immune to outside attention that is until they set eyes upon one another. Z has a habit of getting any lady, fast and hard all while promoting the hotshot reputation to back it up. Ophelia is not one to find his behavior attractive, and the more he pushes his interests on her the more she protests. Under their cat and mouse game is a longing to throw caution to the wind and see what it is that is drawing them toward one another.

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Full Measures (Entangled Embrace)

Full Measures - Rebecca Yarros I absolutely LOVED this book! I was rocked by this emotionally charged, well written NA romance. If you are a fan of military setting, good old fashion family drama and loss and survival, then you will fall in love with this read.

December Howard has lived a life as a military brat. She has a fabulous family, a perfect boyfriend, and a seemingly stepford planned future. Everything changes with three knocks on her door. When news of her father's death in Afghanistan hits the Howard family, devastation and loss ensue. Someone must standup, be strong, and carry on this family...only Ember is capable. Through her attempts to keep life going, she reconnects with an old high school friend, one she was massively crushing on. Josh Walker was the all-star hockey heart-throb with a bad rep. To Ember's shock he is not quite what she expected. This local college boy and youth hockey coach seems to be everywhere when she needs someone to pick her up...Josh Walker has become Ember's "whatever."

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Unleash the Night (Dark-Hunter, Book 9)

Unleash the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon When the wait between Kenyon books starts to grow, that is when I pick up the books in the series that I skipped the first time through. This is the last one that I held out reading and I am glad that I did. This is a quiet romance, mostly separate from the greater story arc, and, for me, I was able to appreciate it much more than I would have as I devoured the greater story arc of the series.

Wren Tigarian was orphaned at a young age for a Were Hunter. At 25, when his parents were murdered, he hadn't even hit puberty. Wren is a mix tiger/snow leopard and as the last snow leopard born , though he has magic that is unique and powerful, his parents hate him as an abomination. Though their murders were tragic, they taught Wren at a young age to depend on no one but himself. Until, he meets a human woman who enchants him and awakens a sleeping... well, tiger! :)

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Song of the Fireflies

Song of the Fireflies - J.A. Redmerski Song of the Fireflies is J.A. Redmerski’s new standalone romance filled with heart-wrenching moments for one couple that ultimately finds light and life through the darkness that surrounds them.

Elias Kline and Brayelle Bates meet one hot day in South Carolina as typical kids whose innocent teasing leads to an easy friendship that builds and develops into more over seventeen years together. They are inseparable in mind, body and soul, finally pushing past the friendship and giving into the love and lust that was always present. This however seems to have been a huge mistake as their intimate relationship ends up pushes them apart leading to four years of bad behavior and longing. Neither time nor other attempted relationships can stop their connection so they reunite and life is perfect until a tragic accident changes everything.

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Demon Bound (The Guardians, Book 4)

Demon Bound - Meljean Brook When the hero refers to the heroine as "creepy", it makes it really hard to eventually turn around and love him, but Meljean Brook does an impressive job with that in the book Demon Bound, 4th in the Guardian series.

Jake Hawkins is the novice Guardian that, up until now, was mostly comic relief. He is the wise cracking former soldier from the Vietnam Era. He was a small town Kansas boy who went to fight a war he didn't believe in, but who sacrificed his life and became a Guardian. What we didn't know about Jake was that he had a dream - before the war took it away - of becoming an archeologist and exploring ancient ruins. Though Alice, the Black Widow, the archivist and archeologist of the Guardians creeps him out, when she is faced with a need to excavate some ruins, Jake signs on to help her out. Expecting a freak, Jake is pleasantly surprised to find that Alice is a little unusual, but it can mostly be explained by her Guardian gift. She may not want to raise giant tarantulas on Vampire blood, but it is her gift and she makes the best of it....

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Do or Die: Reluctant Heroes

Do or Die - Suzanne Brockmann Talk about a book that started off a bit slow but ended with a bang! I discovered Suzanne Brockmann by accident early last year. I was really looking for an audio book and I was on a suspense romance kick so I used one of my credits to listen to her Infamous. A listen I fell in love with (apparently not a fan favorite of hers but I loved it). I have since started reviewing and decided to read her when this book showed up on Netgalley. The start was a little slow and difficult to follow but boy did I end up enjoying the book!

Ian Dunn is a Navy SEAL that ended up working on the wrong side of the law by turning into a jewel thief and con artist. Well at least this is what he wants the world to believe, however; Ian is actually part of freelance covert operatives who take care of high-stakes business in a not so official way. Do you have all of this…see why I am telling you the book starts off a little slow? Ian is perfect for rescuing a pair of children kidnapped by a baddie foreign national, who also happens to be the kid’s father, and he isn’t batting an eye at making the kids casualties to get what he wants. Ian passes on the mission, for reasons he won’t reveal, but Phoebe Kruger won’t take no as an answer. Phoebe wants to see those kids free and she not only gets Ian on board but is along for the mission. Ian and Phoebe are attracted to each other from the start but will do all they can to save these kids!

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One to Hold is Tia Louise’s adult romance debut novel. I will start with saying that is has a fabulous cover that alone catches my attention. I was pleasantly surprised that the content was equally as good and that it lived up to its “mature content” warning!

This book contains the story of two strangers in a new place with somewhat sad pasts. Alone in a bar, Melissa catches to stare of a very attractive and powerful looking Derek. One drink, one night, and promise of pure bliss without the baggage. The desert heat of Arizona has nothing on the heat that Derek and Melissa create on an isolated balcony. When all is said and done, both are left with the unforgettable memory of their passion. They are consumed by the smell, the touch and the intensity of their union, thus putting them on a path for more encounters.

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My Sweetest Escape

My Sweetest Escape - Chelsea M. Cameron My Sweetest Escape is Chelsea Cameron’s second book in her new adult My Favorite Mistake series. This is a story about overcoming past mistakes and learning to embrace life and truly live. It is the story of Jos Archer and how her once perfect world was nothing but a sham especially when one traumatic event has left her in shambles.

Living on the edge and making bad decisions is not something characteristic of Jos Archer. She is yanked from college and brought to reside with her very overprotective older sister. Jos is going through the motions of attending class, staying sober, and avoiding boys all while on a very short leash. Her only interactions are from a new outcast classmate and the constant hovering of her housemates. She seems to be surrounded by love and goodness and she is ready to scream. Nothing is getting through to this very sad, very angry girl. Well, nothing until a quirky somewhat sexy Dusty Sharp appears in her life. His unexpected presence within her home and around campus is the only thing that seems to get some emotion out of her.

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After the Storm (A KGI Novel)

After the Storm - Maya Banks If you read TWS on a regular basis, you know I am fairly new to reviewing. When I joined the blog as a reviewer, the very first book I requested was Maya Banks, KGI, #8 After The Storm. I am a huge Maya Banks fan and KGI is my favorite series by her. I was so excited for this book and I cannot begin to tell you how sad I was that if I didn’t have to review it I would not have finished it. The over the top silliness of this story was so ridiculous I found myself laughing out loud at parts I am positive were not intended to make me laugh. I am not even sure how to review this book, yes it was that bad, but I am going to do my best.

Donovan Kelly is the computer geek out of the Kelly brothers and the brains behind the KGI operations. He has a weakness for women and children in bad situations and has devoted his life helping them. He has witnessed each of his brothers find love in different missions KGI has taken over the years and he is biding his time waiting for the woman that will capture his heart. Enter 24 year old Eve, who is on the run from her abusive step-father with her 17 year old half-brother, Travis, and her 4 year old half-sister, Cammie. Travis is given a part time job at the Kelly’s hardware story by Van’s adopted sister Rusty. Rusty realizes that not all is well at home with Travis so she and Van follow him home after work to find the family living in horrible conditions. Van falls instantly in love with Eve and her siblings but Eve is wanted by the law for kidnapping her half-siblings. Her step-father is wealthy and has false documents stating she is clinically insane. Van promises together they will find a way to get her siblings away from her step-father, clear her name, and become a real family….like 24 hours of meeting her (did you get the 24 hours after meeting her he wants them to be a family part).

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Kaleidoscope - Kristen Ashley Well, I liked this book better than Jagged, book #5, but it still was missing that crazy over the top moment I love in my Kristen Ashley books. If you read my reviews you know that Kristen Ashley is one of my top favorite romance authors. I love her books and, don’t get me wrong, I liked this book but it was not my favorite in the Colorado Mountain series.

Emmanuelle Holmes, Emme to most of her friends, has loved Jacob Decker for years but due to the fact he was with her best friend nothing ever happened. Emme lost touch with Jacob for years and she is no longer the frumpy woman he knew. They get reacquainted when Jacob, a private investigator, comes to Gnaw Bone, Colorado the town Emme is now living in. Jacob is shocked to run into a glammed up Emme and they are both instantly attracted to each other but Jake is in town to investigate the guy Emme is currently dating. Once they get together they seem to have the perfect relationship if Emme didn’t keep doing her best to sabotage it. Deck isn’t going to let her walk away from something this good without a fight.

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The Professional: Part 3

The Professional: Part 3 - Kresley Cole The Professional, Part 3 is the continuation and conclusion of the Game Makers series. As previously stated it is the story of Natalie and Russian mafiya enforcer Sevastyan.

A quick recap puts the two far away from the Russian palace they have been accustomed too. They are in hiding from potential takeover and they are finally getting her time needed alone to pursue their relationship. Sevastyan and Natalie have already consummated their relationship and now they are about explore the realm of dom/sub euphoria along with voyeurism and pure erotic funk!

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Bonds of Justice (Psy/Changeling Novels)

Bonds of Justice - Nalini Singh In Bonds of Justice, we get the story of Max Shannon and Sofia Russo. I will admit, it took me a while to actually sit down with this chapter of the Psy-Changeling series. It wasn't that I doubted the caliber of the story. I knew that Singh would write a great story. However, this book is almost a stand alone. Yes, it deals with the Psy-Changeling world, but the two main characters are very separate from the world of the SnowDancer wolves and DarkRiver leopards that make this series so compelling. As such, the pull to read it wasn't there. But, just as the Dream Hunters of Sherrilyn Kenyon's were missed in my initial glom of the Dark Hunters and served as a great treat later on while I was waiting for the next new release, so too did Bonds of Justice and Blaze of Memory work that way for me in the Psy-Changeling world.

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Magic Possessed (A Hidden Novel)

Magic Possessed - Jaime Rush For all that the first book left me disappointed, this one did not! This second entry in The Hidden series (fourth including the prequels) was one I really enjoyed!

In this book, we see Violet, a dragon, and Kade, the member of the Deuce Guard trying to frame Violet for a murder she didn't commit. From the get go, Violet and Kade have sparks flying and as they work to solve the murders and keep Violet alive, they find that the sparks are ones that they can't - and don't want - to ignore.

I liked that once again, Rush combined two members of different groups in her series - the sorcerer's in Kade and the dragon's in Violet. The way that this creates a unique conflict, while still being very believable, works well to me. The two are different, yet they both exist is a world hidden from the mundanes (normal humans) and that serves to connect them despite the differences.

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Dragon Awakened: The Hidden Series: Book 1

Dragon Awakened - Jaime Rush When I first read Dragon Mine, The Hidden's novella prequel, I was completely charmed. I found the story cute, the characters engaging, and the world building worked for me. So I was a fan of The Hidden right from the beginning.

In this, the first full length novel in The Hidden series, we get the story of Cyn, the master of the Dragons. He has been a shadowy, but benevolent figure in the series so far, and he has definitely sparked my interest. So now, we see him in all his glory. He is a very powerful member of the Crescents and he is the one that Ruby Salazaar is sent to to protect herself, learn the way of the Crescents, and avenge her uncle. Along the way, Ruby and Cyn must come to terms with their attraction and the fact that once they go forward, they can never go back. Together, they can be stronger then they are apart.

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Hot Zone (Hotshots)

Hot Zone - Anne Marsh Hot Zone is the second novella in Anne Marsh’s Hot Shot’s series. This novella is a quick read romance focusing on the men of the Big Bear Rogue firefighters. These men are adrenaline junkies spending their time in the field fighting the fiercest of blazes only returning to camp to rest their bodies enough to get their strength back to put them back into the heat.

Dade Johnson is one sexy Rogue that embraces his time in the heat with little distracting him from his job. Sarah Jo is a new camp employee whose fresh looks and free spirit has caught the attention of Dade. A traditional bet amongst the ladies of the kitchen puts Sarah Jo in the hot seat literally as she playfully plants a scorching kiss on Dade igniting everything in him. Sarah Jo is in for quite a surprise when Dade’s response is willing and filled with true desire for her. Now the chemistry has been created and the chase is on, but Sarah Jo isn’t looking to explore anything with Dade since she is running from her past, hell bent being alone. When her past shows up in the form of a deputy set on vengeance, she finds her new found “relationship” with Dade gives her protection and a real sense of security. Dade just needs Sarah Jo to open up and learn to run to him instead of away.

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